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The Studio

Sean M. Steinbugler, AIA

Architect / CEO

Traveling the world and witnessing the diversity of its many cultures has taught me that any good architecture is about more that fancy walls and elaborate roofs - it is about creating an experience. And because of this, I tend to approach every new project with the same goal – to create an experience that is simple, elegant, and extraordinary.


Any successful project begin by getting to know you - the client. Together we will clarify your objectives and prepare an essential parti that captures the character of the environment you wish to create, ensuring that we get the ideas correct. We then carefully resolve the essential elements, such as the program, proportions, and style, to reflect individual taste and deliver a project that ​consciously integrates technology, sustainable building materials, and exquisitely appointed details.


This approach allows for a wide range of unique and innovative solutions to create an experience that is truly extraordinary.

About the Owner

SX3 Architecture, PLLC is an independent design studio with years of experience designing and managing projects along the East Coast. After working in a large, corporate office for a number of years, owner Sean Steinbugler started his own company with a specific goal in mind:


Deliver professional architectural services with the skill, efficiency, and personalized design experience only available in a small creative studio


We have refined our process to offer an efficient design experience that has been tailored to deliver exceptional results no matter the budget or constraints.

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