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Raleigh, North Carolina


Size (Area): 

8,700 SF (Total); 3,500 SF (Addition)


2012 (Construction); 2013 (Showroom)

Team / Architects:

Sean Steinbugler


Ron Smith


Kawneer, Dri-Design, Huber Zip System, Huber Advantech

Bimota Spirit, LLC 

Bimota Spirit, LLC is a boutique motorcycle dealership in Raleigh, NC know for the elegance of its refined collection. We were given the opportunity to reimagine their functional showcase, and express the character of the unique collection within.


Our renovation of the existing workshop and showroom updated the character of the original dealership. Developing upon the remaining "modern" aesthetic,  and providing some additional workspace, our addition revitalized the expanded showroom for customers to experience this intimate museum of two-wheeled art.

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