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Raleigh, North Carolina


Size (Area): 

1,440 SF (Total); 410 SF (Addition)


2020 (Design); 2021 (Construction)

Team / Architects:

Sean Steinbugler


Sean Steinbugler


Huber Zip System, Huber Advantech, Plytanium, Kwikset, USG Sheetrock

Bimota Spirit, LLC (Warehouse) 

One of our previous clients (the motorcycle dealership Bimota Spirit, LLC) contacted us when they needed to expand their operation. They had recently acquired an adjacent property and were looking to convert an existing structure into a storage facility that maintained the upscale brand image.

The existing structure was a double-wide mobile home that was in need up a lot of repairs. Our vision introduced a few of the mid-century modern aesthetics that were incorporated into their showroom but kept the unassuming nature of the property. Utilization of the existing elevated structure and addition of large overhangs allow for covered entrances and an operational loading dock at the rear of the building. 

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