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For IBM Design Studios, Sean and his colleague worked directly with a furniture vendor to develop a team room solution that features a series of tracks and rolling boards used to create individual team spaces. They also developed a collaborative work-table, to provide access to power and technology, that became a corporate standard across multiple IBM Design Studio locations.

Collaborative Workspaces and Showcases

Team spaces are often the most valuable areas in creative environments. These spaces have evolved from private meeting rooms and small conference rooms into more organic spaces that adapt to the requirements of their teams. 

At the IBM Watson Headquarters on Astor Place, we created an enhanced collaborative space to showcase the Watson cloud-based supercomputer.  Demonstrators interact with Watson using highly-sophisticated integrated technology to present information along a 40 ft. version of a Times Square Billboard. Information can also be passed to an "Immersion Room" that is clad in 100 backlit acrylic fins and has an array of LED Planar Screens on the interior that completely covers the walls to "immerse” the audience in the Watson Experience. The fins were individually shaped to replicate the flow of a wave, and change colors to indicate that the information was received from the main display.

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