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Raleigh (North), North Carolina


Size (Area): 



In Progress

Team / Architects:

Sean Steinbugler




Kohler, Andersen Windows, Pottery Barn

SX3 North Carolina Offices

This unique design epitomizes the character and craftsmanship of SX3 Architecture, PLLC. Defined by its intricate forms and integration into its surrounds, our sustainably designed design center and office spaces showcase the values that distinguish SX3 Architecture. 


With a conscious mind toward the issues of global climate change and diminishing renewable resources, we integrated classic passive design techniques with state-of-the-art building materials and technology.  We reimagined the use of our locally-sourced materials to define our own aesthetic; a blend of rugged industrial farmhouse and contemporary European sophistication. The combination of expressed structure and tasteful finishes accentuate the program and celebrate the landscape, while the use of forms and light are distinctly SX3.

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